Explore The Bakken Museum

Located on the shores of Lake Calhoun is the only museum in the world that’s dedicated to medical electricity. It’s known as The Bakken Museum and it was named for Earl Bakken, the inventor of the first wearable cardiac pacemaker. This museum has welcomed thousands of visitors over the years and those who walk through its doors should plan on spending several hours to fully experience the interesting exhibits. They include:

Spark of Life – The Spark of Life exhibit allows visitors to discover the many uses and meanings of electricity. You’ll see an antique EKG machine and learn how a dog helped design it, as well as play a theremin (the first electric musical instrument) without actually touching it.

Ben Franklin’s Electricity Party – According to the museum’s website, Ben Franklin and other scientists held parties in the 1700s to show their newest discoveries in static electricity. Hands-on activities include starting a mini hail storm with a generator and charging a Leyden jar battery to make the Franklin bells ring.

Body Electric – Do you know how electricity works in the human body? Learn the answer to this question and try the Mindball competition that teaches you how to master your brain’s waves.

After you’ve learned all about electricity, stroll through the beautiful gardens that surround the museum. You’ll see medicinal plantings, trees, colorful flowers, a rock fountain, and maybe even a deer or two.

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