Close up view of several lawn bowling balls outdoors

Brit’s Pub – A Unique Eating Experience Near 4Marq Apartments

Want a unique dining and social experience? Check out Brit’s Pub. This unique restaurant, founded by an Englishman who brought British ambiance to America, advertises itself as “Serving Scholars & Scoundrels Since 1990.” What began as a two-room tavern now boasts numerous cool features, and is conveniently close to 4Marq Apartments. Some of the Unique Features of […]

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Crowd of Audience at during a concert with silhouette of a heart shaped hands shadow, light illuminated is power of music concert

3 Great Spots for Live Music in Minneapolis

Did you know that watching live music can actually lower your levels of the stress hormone cortisol? Well, you are in luck because within a few miles of 4Marq Apartments, there are a number of live music venues that will help keep your cortisone at a healthy level. Whether you like rock, jazz, or folk, there is a […]

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