A young man mountain biker biking along a wooded mountain trail. Photographed in the midwest USA in horizontal format.

Explore the Best Biking Trails in Minneapolis

Mountain biking is a fun way to explore the outdoors while at the same time strengthening your leg muscles and improving your cardiovascular health. Luckily, the Minneapolis area is chock-full of scenic biking trails. Here are a few of our favorite biking trails in Minneapolis: Terrace Oaks Trail (2.9 miles) Designed by a local resident, Terrace Oaks is a […]

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The order-wheel in an american diner kitchen with an order for "2 eggs, wheat toal, bacon" order-ticket on the order wheel and the serving station and dining room in the background.

Enjoy a Hearty Breakfast in a Unique Setting at Al’s Breakfast

Al’s Breakfast is a tiny restaurant with a big reputation. If a restaurant could ever be referred to as a “hole-in-the-wall” place, this is it. It’s literally only 10 feet wide. They don’t take debit cards. They stay busy, but don’t let that scare you away. It’s totally worth the wait. Location Al’s is nestled […]

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