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4 Minneapolis Coffee Shops to Support

One thing we love about Minneapolis is the cozy neighborhoods and the hidden gems you’ll find within them. These communities and shops are full of vibrant culture, and each presents something unique to their customers. Specifically, coffee shops!

Winding-down in the corner of a shop with a hot mug, gentle music, and the earthy fragrance of java is an experience in and of itself. We’ve gathered four local coffee shops to support, whether in-person or from the comfort of your own Minneapolis apartment.

Peace Coffee

There are three different locations to find Peace Coffee along with a coffee truck you’ll find cruising around town. With two shops downtown, our favorite is their Wonderland Park location, where vibrant colors and friendly staff welcome you to the establishment. Their user-friendly website allows you to purchase coffee, mugs, French presses, and t-shirts. They are also actively involved with the community and have created these fun YouTube videos to keep everyone connected!

Mojo Coffee

Mojo Coffee is filled with local artists’ work, located in the arts district of Northeast Minneapolis. From sculptures to paintings, customers can purchase artwork that supports both the shop and small businesses! Their beautiful patio is an ideal place to sip some coffee and listen to live music. Mojo Coffee is now serving its fresh and delicious food-to-go!


This cunning little shop is known for its toast bar, providing fresh bread and homemade jams. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some peace while reading a book. The owner makes her delicious jams, vegan bars, and granola—precisely what small businesses are all about! Check out Canteen’s online shop to order their goodies from home.

Misfit Coffee

Misfit Coffee’s presence reflects in its name—it’s trendy, hip, and has a significant online presence that actively engages with the community. Their coffee truck has been “randomly roaming the streets,” and they even have a pickup window at their Lowry location. Purchase some of their cool gear, and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram! 

Minneapolis is full of locally-owned coffee shops, retailers, and artists, all nestled in the city’s many charming neighborhoods. We encourage you to support local while staying caffeinated! 4Marq Apartments are here to show you all that Minneapolis has to offer. Contact us today for more information!

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