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Have a Blast at These Escape Rooms in Minneapolis

If you enjoy problem-solving, collaboration, and working under pressure, head to one of the following escape rooms where you’ll have just 60 minutes to complete the challenge. Here are our favorite escape rooms in Minneapolis:

Mission Manor 

When Mission Manor opened in 2016, it quickly became one of the premier escape room destinations in Minnesota. The games are both thrilling and immersive and challenge both new and experienced players alike.

There are three rooms to choose from including Countdown. It’s your day off, and you’re watching the big game when you learn that a bomb is about to go off below the city’s streets. Can you diffuse it before it explodes? This game is rated 9/10 in difficulty and requires plenty of teamwork. 

Trapped Puzzle Rooms

At Trapped, the rooms feature difficult puzzles and hidden clues. The challenging games are best played with four to eight players, and for every hint a team requests, two minutes are added to their final score. 

See if you can puzzle your way out of It’s All Fun and Games. It is believed that the Spumonti Toy Shop is a front for some sort of criminal activity. Your team is tasked with finding the evidence without getting caught. Can you bust the bad guys before time runs out?

Escape the Room 

Escape the Room is where the games are filled with secrets and intrigue. It has offered a new social gaming experience since 2016, and the rooms are perfect for groups of all types. 

If you’ve always wanted to live the life of a spy, try The Agency. You’re selected for a top secret mission where all agents must use their training and ingenuity to succeed. Fail to escape in time, and your superiors will disavow your very existence. 

If you would like to live near these escape rooms and other fun activities, please contact us at 4Marq. We will arrange a tour where you can see firsthand all our apartments in Minneapolis have to offer.

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