Potatoes and other vegetables at a local farmer's market.

Enjoy Local Food at a Farmers’ Market in Minneapolis!

The Minneapolis area is home to a variety of farmers’ markets offering up seasonal produce, local food, and more. Pay a visit to one of these amazing outdoor marketplaces and enjoy the bounty that our area has to offer:

Minneapolis Farmers’ Market

The precursor to this market opened up way back in 1876, so it’s enjoyed over a century’s worth of time to expand and diversify its offerings. It has 3 different locations, operating on different days of the week:

  • Lyndale Market – Operates on a daily basis on 312 East Lyndale Avenue North. Enjoy being an early bird here since this market opens for business at 6 a.m.! On weekends, this market can host up to 170 vendors in an astounding show of local commerce.
  • Nicollet Mall Market – This market is conveniently open for a 12-hour shift, starting at 6 a.m. on Thursdays. Visit before work and enjoy the fresh offerings before most people arrive!
  • Government Center Market – This market has more limited hours, but still offers a great selection of vendors. You can visit this marketplace at 300 South 6th Street, starting from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. every Tuesday.

Due to the small-scale business nature of some of the vendors, not all will accept credit cards, so be aware before you pay these markets a visit.

Mill City Farmers’ Market

On South 2nd Street, you’ll find this market operating on Saturdays through October. The mission of this enterprise is to build a “local, sustainable, and organic food economy” and they’re certainly fulfilling this vision.

The Saturday market is open rain or shine, so you can break out the umbrella if needed. Enjoy special programs as you shop, such as demonstrations of yoga, live performances by musicians, and even visits with real farm animals!

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