animal shelter

Minneapolis Animal Shelters You Can Help from Home

From newborn kittens to senior dogs, local animal shelters help pets in need. They provide food, medical care, and a place to stay until the animals find forever families. If you would like to support their mission, here are a few shelters you can help from our Minneapolis apartments.

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ice cream shops in Minneapolis

Get a Scoop To-Go from Minneapolis Ice Cream Shops

Minnesotans have a serious love for all things ice cream. Amazing ice cream shops are popping up everywhere in Minneapolis, each one with its own unique story and flavor profiles. Thankfully some of the best ice cream shops are just a hop, skip, and a jump from the 4Marq, your downtown Minneapolis apartments. Even better, […]

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Minneapolis bagel shops

Grab the Best Bagels in Minneapolis To-Go

From pumpernickel to cinnamon raisin, Minneapolis bagel shops serve something for everyone. When you’re ready to enjoy this morning favorite, the best bagel shops offering pickup or delivery near our Minneapolis apartments include: Sip Coffeebar  After friends Rachel and Gretchen decided to share their love of baking and coffee, Sip Coffeebar was born. They start […]

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