Six young multi-ethnic diverse attractive women sitting in row in lotus position or Padmasana meditate practising yoga together during session. Group training healthy lifestyle and wellness concept

Clear Your Mind With Yoga in Minneapolis, MN

While the “new year, new me” trend is still ongoing, it’s more important to simply try doing things that help you live a healthy lifestyle. As we embrace 2020, try your hand at one of the many local yoga hotspots near our downtown Minneapolis apartments. You’ll feel an emotional, mental, and physical calmness with each session!  […]

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young couple skating together on roller skating rink

Have a Blast Roller Skating in Minneapolis

Did you know that roller skating originated in the 1700s? Centuries later, it remains a popular activity, especially among those looking for an alternative to the traditional workout. If you would like to go skating, the best spots for roller skating in Minneapolis include: Roller Garden As Minnesota’s number one rink for 76 years, the […]

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Man playing the guitar and checking out local music stores

Explore the Best Music Stores in Minneapolis

Do you enjoy listening to music or playing an instrument? If so, visit one of these music stores in Minneapolis where you’ll find everything from the latest CDs to acoustic guitars: Groth Music  A local fixture since 1939, Groth was Minnesota’s original music superstore. Founder Chester Groth was a professional musician who sought to bring […]

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