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Reimagining Delicious Meals

As residents of 4Marq know, it’s the little pleasures that make life worth living. And one of the best small pleasures is a good meal. Dwindling pantries and crispers challenge even the best home cooks!

Making do with a hodge-podge of ingredients can try your creativity, however. Here are a few tips for meeting the challenge.

Remember That Veggies Can Be Sweet

People may joke about kale carrot muffins, but they stop joking once they eat them and realize that they are incredibly tasty! They will also love many other sweet veggie treats—zucchini, anyone? Many vegetables are naturally sweet, and they can add a subtle gravitas to a pastry or pudding.

Bring On The Beans

Beans are versatile, easy to transport, and have a long shelf life. Not only this, but they are full of protein, fiber, and vitamin B. Every culture has a take on how to make beans delicious, whether it’s Southern-style baked beans or a spicy Rajma. Take a look online for recipes to transform your pantry beans into a delicious entree.

Substitute Away

Necessity isn’t just the mother of invention. It’s the mother of new foods! Many meals have transformed because the cook had to replace ingredients. Ingredient substitutions are a great way to make food healthier, but that sort of misses the point. Yes, replacing mayo with hummus cuts out some fat from your diet. However, it also gives your sandwich pizzazz. Imagine salty, nutty hummus in your turkey on rye—yum! 

Check Out Recipes From Other Eras And Places

You can turn your burger meat into chili again, or you can try making Tibetan beef momos. You can put leftover onions in a sandwich again, or you can have the Medieval favorite, almond milk-soaked bread with onions. There are worlds of recipes out there waiting for you to discover them. Even professional chefs have not sampled every source available, and each source brings a new take on ingredients. The very best part is that you can bond across time and space with other people through food when you use their recipes.

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